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For my latest blog posts, check out Musings.  Be sure to get Free Downloads of my books, “The Last of Her Kind,” “The House Ate It! (The Gnorplop Series, Book 1)” “Yurnstern Saves the Day! (The Gnorplop Series, Book 2)” and “Christmas Present.” JoAnn’s Open Forum is a space devoted to you, fellow bloggers and readers who’d like to dialogue with me and with each other about any topic you’d like.

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Contact: j.r.goldrich@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Welcome to My Site

  1. I do wish you the best in this new endeavor! You have succeeded in all other ventures you’ve undertaken, making me confident that this will be a huge success as well. Having had the opportunity to preview your book before its release, I am confident it will leave an indelible footprint in the minds of other readers. It was not only entertaining, but thought provoking as well. Who knows, perhaps it will precipitate collective proactive action.


      1. Only speaking the truth! You have such talent, and I’m glad you are sharing it. I firmly believe you need to use the gifts given to you for the benefit of others. Your book does just that!


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